Plugin Features

Make the best of your sms plugin

Bulk Campaign
Bulk Campaign

Send marketing or promotional messages to your WordPress and WooCommerce users.

Custom Message
Message Anywhere

You can send SMS anywhere from your WordPress dashboard.

Two Factor Security
Two Factor Security

Ensure the security of your WordPress website with 2-step OTP verification.

OTP Verification
OTP Verification

It is very easy to verify your user's phone number when registering or checking out.

Woocommerse Integration
Woocommerse Integration

Validate real users on order checkout with otp verification on order checkout.

Woocommerse Integration
Order Notification

Notify admins and buyers about their order status via sms in Woocommerse.

When running a business, you absolutely want to have a tool to help you notify your customers about your new products or any other marketing campaigns. So here Alpha SMS provides you a top-notch WordPress SMS Plugin so that you can send text messages to your customers easily.



Add SMS functionality to WordPress

  • Install Alpha SMS WordPress Plugin and activate.
  • Enter your account API Key on setting page.
  • Adjust the settings of the order statuses.
  • Start sending SMS.

The plugin works like a charm, and instantly without any coding skills.

More Features

Easy Configuration
User-friendly interface
Masking and Non-Masking SMS
Best Support
Compatible with WordPress latest version
Trusted by thousands of customers and Online Shops

Ways to Use

Best way to connect with your customers and stay secure from fraud.

2FA Authentication

Two factor authentication is potentially the most effective way of ensuring you're the only person who gets into your accounts.

Delivery Status Report

Keep clients informed by sending tracking numbers, dispatch information, and estimated delivery times through SMS.

Marketing and Promotion

Promote your store's exclusive deals and discounts. You can use a unique sender ID to increase brand recognition.

One-way Alerts & Notifications

Notify your customers on upcoming events and special deals and other new pieces of information.

Advanced SMS Campaign Page

Boost your marketing efforts to produce action at every stage of the sales process, from awareness to conversion to customer retention. The SMS Campaign page allows you to send SMS messages to WordPress and WooCommerce users, as well as specific cell numbers.

message campaign
otp verification

Two-factor Authentication

Using two-factor authentication, you can verify users and secure accounts. SMS two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the most successful methods of verifying users. it is simple to use as an additional layer of security in business applications.

Support Unicode

Unicode allows you to utilize any known characters within your message, such as Emojis or foreign languages like as Chinese and Arabic that aren't included in the GSM-7 character set.

unicode supported
wordprss notifications

2FA Login and OTP Notifications

Text alerts are useful tools for any business that wants to improve its connection with its customers. Add more security to your wordpress site with 2FA login. Send OTP Codes, alert about products, order status notifications and so on.

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