Pricing Slab For Both Masking and Non-Masking SMS

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Slab Minimum Recharge Masking Rate Non Masking Rate Validity
Basic BDT 1,500

BDT 0.63/Per SMS Around 2,381 SMS

BDT 0.32/Per SMS Around 4,688 SMS

3 Months Buy Now
Standard BDT 10,000

BDT 0.60/Per SMS Around 16,667 SMS

BDT 0.30/Per SMS Around 33,333 SMS

6 Months Buy Now
Business BDT 22,000

BDT 0.55/Per SMS Around 40,000 SMS

BDT 0.27/Per SMS Around 81,481 SMS

1 Year Buy Now
Enterprise BDT 50,000

BDT 0.50/Per SMS Around 100,000 SMS

BDT 0.25/Per SMS Around 200,000 SMS

1 Year Buy Now
Platinum BDT 90,000

BDT 0.50/Per SMS Around 180,000 SMS

BDT 0.23/Per SMS Around 391,304 SMS

1 Year Buy Now

SMS Packages & Prices in Bangladesh

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Slab 1 (Basic)
Minimum Recharge Amount
Masking: 0.63/Per SMS
Non Masking: 0.32/Per SMS
Validity: 3 Months
Slab 3 (Business)
Minimum Recharge Amount
Masking: 0.55/Per SMS
Non Masking: 0.27/Per SMS
Validity: 1 Year
Slab 4 (Enterprise)
Minimum Recharge Amount
Masking: 0.50/Per SMS
Non Masking: 0.25/Per SMS
Validity: 1 Year
Slab 5 (Platinum)
Minimum Recharge Amount
Masking: 0.50/Per SMS
Non Masking: 0.23/Per SMS
Validity: 1 Year
SMS Price

The bigger amount you recharge, the lower SMS rate you will get

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SMS Rate And Price Calculator

Play with the amount range slider to know what plan you can get with a recharge.

Masking Rate
1/p Per SMS
Non-Masking Rate
2/p Per SMS
Send Upto
10 SMS
Send Upto
1000 SMS

Price Amount

BDT 1500
Basic Slab

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